Episode 23 - Craig Ballantyne

July 21, 2016

BPM chats with the truly wonderful Craig Ballantyne. Enjoy this great conversation about Craig's new book, The Perfect Day Formula.

Episode 22 - Dipti Bramhandkar

May 19, 2016

In this amazing new episode of Best Life Radio, BPM has the truly great Dipti Bramhandkar on the show. This is an episode for everyone, not just the fitness/health listeners.This is absolutely one of the most magical episodes in the history of Best Life Radio.Dipti is an amazing leader and this awesome conversation discusses what it is like to be a minority, female leader in the world today. Dipti is also an artist and discusses trying to find time to do all of the things that create fullness and happiness in her life. . 

Episode 21 - Adam Bornstein

April 21, 2016
Be ready as BPM chats with the amazing Adam Bornstein!
Adam is known simply as BORN in the fitness/health/nutrition industries, and is on every possible list as one of the single most influential people in world at what he does. Listen in as this best-selling author of 9 books chats with BPM about how he's able to help so many people. Enjoy this passion filled episode with this truly amazing guest!

Episode 20 - Michael Easter

March 10, 2016

Hey! Listen in to the 1st Best Life Radio Podcast of 2016! 

In this episode, Brian chats with Superstar Michael Easter! Michael is the Fitness Editor of Men's Health Magazine (#legitstud). He shares some of his favorite stories and talks about what continually draws him to MFF!

Episode 19 - Kevin Larrabee

October 1, 2015

In this amazing episode BPM chats with Kevin Larrabee of the famous Fitcast Podcast. It is a joint podcast that is full of awesome conversation and one that even led Kevin to make some HUGE change in his own life! 

Episode 18 - Rory Vaden

July 1, 2015

In this amazing episode Brian chats with one of his mentors, Rory Vaden! Rory is The New York Times/Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author of "Take the Stairs" and his new book "Procrastinate on Purpose" came out in January.  Rory coined the phrase "Success isn't owned, it is only rented and the RENT IS DUE EVERYDAY"! Listen in as Rory gives great advice on how to multiply your time!

Episode 17 - Jill Ozovek

May 3, 2015
Tune in to this great episode as Brian chats with the truly fantastic coach, Jill Ozovek. Listen in as Jill discusses her journey from Corporate America to South America, Life Coaching school and now to helping millennial women find their passion.  This episode is great for everyone and especially for women looking for a career change. 

Episode 16 - Jonathan Goodman

February 25, 2015
Tune in as BPM chats with Superstar Jonathan Goodman all the way from the beach in Uruguay!  Jonathan is the founder of the PTDC(Personal Trainer Development Center) the biggest resource for trainers and wanna be trainers on the internet.  Jonathan discusses his most recent book, "Ignite the Fire 2.0", his process writing and his work on his next book. Listen in as Jonathan defines his own success and gives great advice to writers, trainers and entrepreneurs everywhere! 
Look up the PTDC here-http://www.theptdc.com

Episode 15 - Todd Bumgardner

February 4, 2015

Tune in as Brian chats with the massively strong and brilliant Todd Bumgardner, stud trainer and respected writer.   Listen as Todd honestly opens up about how much of a self professed "shithead" he was and how he takes the lessons from his past and imparts them to the young athletes that he trains today! Todd is a coach at Ranfone Training Systems and a frequent contributor to many fitness sites.

Episode 14 - Tony Gentilcore

January 14, 2015

In this 1st Episode of 2015 Brian chats with Superstar, co-founder of Cressey Sports Performance, Tony Gentilcore. Tony can be read in basically every fitness publication on earth and is a great guy to boot. Subscribe and listen as Tony gives great advice to trainers and trainees alike!